Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All you need is an internet connection. MonuVision is mobile and goes where you go. You can access your account from home or while on vacation to stay in touch with your office and your customer projects.

Yes. This is a great sales tool for employees and selling agents.

Yes. It’s easy to add your favorite components to your account profile or we can add them for you for 1.00 each. Contact us for some simple instructions on uploading your own artwork.

No. Any artwork that you upload into your account stays in your profile only.

Yes. Manufacturers tell us that it is very helpful for them to know what your customer saw, liked and purchased. With a color rendering they will know precisely how to build your memorial and how to lay out your design proof.

Yes; production ready vector files are available on MonuVision Artwork. Simply email your design to your manufacturer or to your production department and the vectors travel with the email.

Note: MonuVision artwork has minimum sizes so you won’t design or sell something that your manufacturer cannot carve and fit onto the memorial.

Yes. Most manufacturers will provide their customers with digital images of the same artwork that is in their printed materials (design books and brochures). You should ask for PDF, JPEG, GIF or EPS files. These images work with MonuVision but are not production or vector type files.

There are several design service companies that provide brochures and clip art to monument companies. These companies sell artwork that you can then upload into your MonuVision profile. Contact us if you need additional information on these companies or the type of files you should purchase.

MonuVision is upgraded daily and since it is web based the upgrades are automatic. Each time you log on and access your account you have the most recent version of MonuVision

If you have a favorite shape that is not currently in MonuVision please send it to us. We want to include the items our users prefer.

You use your wholesale cost from your various suppliers and choose your desired retail margin. You can have different margins on different materials and products.

Yes. You may select 12 different colors for MonuVision and each color can be priced in 3 different materials or in the same material from 3 different manufacturers.

Yes. The design prints on your standard office printer and looks great on regular 8.5 x 11in copy paper. You can add or delete your company logo, sizes, prices or purchase order notes on your printed version depending on your needs.

No. Your MonuVision rendering is a conceptual design of what the memorial will look like. Your manufacturer will make any minor adjustments needed to insure best quality production. Manufacturers will still prepare and want a signed copy of the memorial layout.

Always an important question; a monthly MonuVision subscription will cost about the same as one quality PhotoShop drawing, or about the same as a nice dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. It’s truly one investment that will pay for itself many times over.

No. If you feel like MonuVision is not benefiting your business then cancel at any time.